Easy Budget & Personal Finance Spreadsheet Template

You have probably learned it the hard way: if you don’t know where your money goes you can’t succeed financially!
I have been using excel spreadsheets for budgeting and tracking my expenses for years and it allowed me to increase my savings and avoid stupid purchases. Now I finally decided to create its best version on Google Spreadsheets!

On this budget you will be able to:
– define your financial monthly goals
– track your spending and earning in a simple and clear way
– define categories of spending and earning to better understand and improve your financial habits
– see on tables and charts your actual spending/earning vs you budgeted spending/earning

Your only job will be to keep up with the money entering and going out of your wallet.

How does it work? You will download a PDF file containing the link to the Google Sheet template and the instructions on how to start using it. It’s extremely simple and you only need a basic knowledge of excel, but in case you have a question or any problem I’m always ready to help!

Why I use Google Spreadsheets instead of Excel? Because its FREE, you can SHARE your work with other people, it is ACCESSIBLE in multiple devices, it SAVES any changes automatically, it’s USER FRIENDLY, you can EXPORT your work in multiple formats, you don’t have to worry to LOSE DATA if your computer crashes…However if you don’t like using it you can always export the template to EXCEL 🙂

ATT!! You need to have a gmail account in order to access the template.

This is a digital product. No physical product will be sent.
Once payment is completed, your files will be available for download in your account, (Etsy upper right-hand corner “You”, “Purchases and Reviews”), and an email will be sent to your Etsy email address notifying you.


Copyright: please respect the hours of work I put into my project and don’t resell, copy or share them. This is for your personal use only.

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